Thanks for Listening, Here's Your Book!

The No B.S. Guide to Military Life was written as a way to put everything I wish I'd been told when I joined to military into one place, and hand it to that young service member.

That being said, there is information in this book that is applicable to all service members and veterans, new and old. Whether you're wanting to learn about investing, personal development, military benefits, advancing in your career, transitioning out of the military, or just here a little about how I went from "broke enlisted Sergeant" in 2015, to "financially free millionaire" in 2021 before exiting the military without a pension...this book has you covered!

And if none of that fits the mold for you, give it to the service member, or future service member, in your life. Pay it forward!

I want to give you the PDF copy of my book for FREE as both a "thank you" for following our journey, and as a way to give back to the community. I hope this provides immense value to you!

The Military Millionaire Podcast

Did You Know We Have A Podcast?

That's right!

In case you weren't aware, Alex Felice and I host the Military Millionaire Podcast, which is one of the longest-standing, and most downloaded military real estate investing podcasts out there!

That being said, we don't just interview real estate investors. we interview all sorts of success stories from service members, veterans, and really just anybody we think has an awesome story to tell that we want to's a good time, and I'd welcome you to give us a listen on your favorite platform!

I'm Dave The "Military Millionaire" and I Help Service Members and Veterans Achieve Financial Freedom!

This entire community began as a way to document my journey as I was learning about real estate and working to achieve financial freedom. I never had any idea it would become such a large network of service members and veterans helping each other along their journeys!

We have many incredible free resources and ways to help you achieve your goals throughout the community, and most of them are linked on this page...but I wanted to take a pause here to tell you about the piece of the community that has been the most intense to watch grow over the past few years.

The War Room Mastermind Group is a community of like-minded, serious investors--with a common military bond--who come together and hold each other accountable to achieving their dreams!

This is a much smaller segment of the community with multiple weekly calls, accountability calls, guest speakers, masterclasses, direct access to me on a regular basis, and more discounts and resources than I can think to list out here.

The success people are achieving in there is wild, and I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't at least mention it here. If you're interested in taking things to the next level, click the big green button down there and check it out!

Other Incredible ( free ) Resources We Offer!

FREE Personal Finance Course!

This 100% free course was designed with two goals in mind:

1. That you learn the basics that will help you achieve financial freedom.

2. That you have a way to share this information with your unit if you would like, and help improve the overall financial literacy of our military!

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